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Ti è piaciuto il progetto FIVE MEN, ci piacerebbe molto conoscere la tua opinione.
Aiutaci a migliorare rispondendo ad alcune domande. Grazie!

The project FIVE MEN financed by the European Commission by the PROGRESS Programme and co-financed by the Department for Equal Opportunities, has been designed with the general aim of promoting and spreading a clear message about zero tolerance for all forms of violence against women and girls.

This new campaign is intended to address the majority of men (violent and non-violent) in order for them to stop violence against women. The objective is to create awareness on the issue by positively involving men and boys and putting them at the forefront of this fight as actors for change.

The new message the Italian government wants to spread is that men must reject violence against women and become actors in eradicating it. In doing this, the new campaign will abandon representations of battered women and stereotypes of women as weak victims and will show the other side of the problem: the wrong behavior of men and boys and the cultural misery behind it. In order to achieve the general objective, the project, whose established duration is 2 years, has been divided into 6 work-packages (WP):

WP1: Management

WP2: Monitoring and evaluation

WP3: Public Communication Plan

WP4: Elaboration of the contents of the webseries #mensstuff and the website

WP5: Development and dissemination of a toolkit for schools

WP6: Dissemination Plan

The Department for Equal Opportunities-DPO (DPO) will be responsible for the management and for the elaboration of the Public Communication Plan.

The Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale (IRS) will be responsible for the definition and implementation of the indicators system for the monitoring and evaluation of the project and of the quarterly reporting system on the basis of the tools defined.

The NGO Maschile Plurale is responsible for the organization of a one-day Communication Camp on violence against women in 20 Italian pilot schools preselected by the DPO and for the drafting of a “toolkit” for the schools to inform and train on violence against women.


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